Documents and Reports

The Project Team will post available documents and materials as the Specific Plan project moves forward. Check here frequently, as documents will be posted on a regular basis.

Community Open House Summary

This document summarizes the major themes addressed by community members captured through their comments during the Community Open House hosted on Monday, August 14, 2023.

Community Involvement Strategy

The City of Redding is committed to designing and implementing an inclusive and dynamic community engagement process to ensure the Riverfront Specific Plan project is based on robust and genuine feedback from the entire community, including civic and city leaders, the indigenous community, property and business owners, current tenants and lease holders, topical interest organizations (e.g., mobility advocates, environmental groups), tourism and economic development groups, and residents. As such, the development of the specific plan will require inclusive engagement at several key project touch points and across many different platforms. The project team developed a Community Involvement Strategy (CIS) that outlines key outreach approaches and methods, target audiences, communication tools, and the proposed timeline for implementation. The document is a high-level summary of community involvement activities that will inform and guide the development of the specific plan. These activities will ensure that all members of the Redding community are actively engaged throughout the project, and that community ideas, perspectives, and needs directly inform all phases of this important project.

Process Schedule

This document provides an overview of the activities included in each phase of the Redding Riverfront Specific Plan.

Additional Resources

The following are links to the City projects or resources that relate to the Riverfront area.