Project Documents

The Redding Riverfront Specific Plan process will involve the production of a wealth of technical studies, reports, and documents. These materials will provide background context to help inform the planning process, vision and guiding principles information based on community feedback, designs and concepts to help advance community discussions, and environmental analysis to help inform decisions. The following page includes all currently available documents and materials. The Project Team will update this page regularly as new materials become available. 

Vision and Guiding Principles Framework

The Redding City Council reviewed and accepted the Vision and Guiding Principles Framework during their meeting on January 16, 2024. The community's vision was developed based on extensive feedback, discussion, and refinement by the general public and the Community Coalition. This document is a foundational piece for the Redding Riverfront Specific Plan process and represents the overarching aspirational framework for how the community would like to see the area change, improve, and be enhanced in the future. 

Technical Studies

The Project Team is preparing a series of topical Technical Studies that will help inform both the community planning process and the environmental analysis for the Redding Riverfront Specific Plan. The following are links to the various Technical Studies. 

  • Biological Resources Study (coming soon)
  • Archeological Resources Study (coming soon)
  • Place-Based Research Study (coming soon)
  • Transportation and Mobility Study (coming soon)
  • Utilities and Infrastructure Study (coming soon)  
  • Economic Assessment (coming soon)

Process Schedule

The following schedule provides a graphical overview of the reports and activities included during each phase of the Redding Riverfront Specific Plan process.

Additional Resources

The following are additional City documents and resources related to the Redding Riverfront area.