The Redding Riverfront Specific Plan project is anticipated to be a two-year process. Below is a summary of the overall schedule. A variety of community outreach and engagement activities will be held throughout the process. Check back frequently and/or sign up for our email notifications to stay up-to-date. Linked here is a more detailed version of the schedule and the key activities involved in each phase.

  • Completed
  • Current
  • Upcoming

PHASE 1: Project Kickoff and Visioning (June 2023 – November 2023)

  • Prepare a Community Involvement Strategy
  • Hold Community Open Houses
  • Meet with Community Members
  • Form the Community Coalition
  • Hold Community Coalition Meetings
  • Meet with Planning Commission and City Council

PHASE 2: Analysis and Opportunities (November 2023 – February 2024)

  • Prepare an Economic and Market Study
  • Review Existing City Reports, Policies, and Programs
  • Launch an Online Survey
  • Prepare an Existing Conditions and Opportunities Framework
  • Hold Community Engagement Series #1: Existing Conditions and Opportunities
  • Meet with Planning Commission and City Council

PHASE 3: Plan Concepts Development (February 2024 – May 2024)

  • Prepare Land Use Concepts for the Northern and Southern Riverfront
  • Prepare a Concepts Alternatives Summary
  • Hold Community Engagement Series #2: Concept Alternatives
  • Prepare an Emerging Preferred Specific Plan Alternative
  • Meet with Planning Commission and City Council

PHASE 4: Specific Plan Development and CEQA (June 2024 – June 2025)

  • Prepare Draft Riverfront Specific Plan
  • Prepare Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
  • Hold Community Engagement Series #3: Specific Plan Development
  • Meet with Planning Commission and City Council
  • Prepare Final Riverfront Specific Plan and EIR
  • Hold City Council Public Hearings