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We want to hear your ideas and comments regarding the future of the Riverfront area. Listed below are public comments that have been submitted through the website. To submit your public comment visit Share Your Ideas. Public comments are reviewed for appropriate language and will be uploaded to this page on an ongoing basis.

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October 12th, 2023
Subject: Riverfront Plan thoughts / ideas
Whenever someone mentions what the City of Redding should do about the Sacramento Riverfront, I have visions of the River Walk in San Antonio. But looking at pictures of that lovely place, it's too built up. We need to keep the majority of our riverfront as riparian as possible, I think, and also protect the sacred native areas of the river that are within the city boundaries. But it would be lovely to have a few more eateries along the river, and possibly a few shops too. Is there a way to do both?

I do NOT think there should be housing or private commercial property right along the river - because that prevents the rest of the population from enjoying both the natural and any developed areas along the river. It should be open to the public, whatever is done there.

October 12th, 2023
Subject: Proposal to include Whitewater Park features in project
I would like to recommend consideration of adding a whitewater park feature to the plan. A whitewater park would be a location where the river channel is modified to create features that allow for surfing, rafting, floating, and playing in the water. These features attract both participants and spectators. Many communities have recognized the multiple benefits of whitewater parks and are seeing benefits including:

Quality of Life — River-based parks inspire a community to reconnect with its river in ways not previously
available, delivering opportunities for outdoor recreation, leisure, community events, and more. When paired
with adjacent land development and waterfront revitalization efforts, they become gathering places that
attract walkers, families, picnicker, and spectators, in addition to the in-stream uses of kayaking, rafting,
surfing, wading, and floating.

Environmental — River modification usually includes the restoration or rehabilitation of in-stream and
riparian habitat. This improves river system and ecosystem functions, and can support flood
mitigation strategies.

Economic — Whitewater parks across the country are generating substantial economic impacts for their
host communities as users spend money at local restaurants, lodging and retail establishments. These
venues open the doors to other recreational opportunities such as zip-lining, rock-climbing, concerts and
festivals, hiking and biking, attracting a broad array of users and corresponding revenues. A whitewater
park’s economic contribution depends largely on the park’s scale and market size, with smaller parks shown
to generate incremental spending in the $500,00 to $750,000 range per year while larger parks contribute
as much as $19 million annually to local economies.

Branding — Whitewater parks provide communities with a closer connection to their rivers and become
focal points for outdoor lifestyle experiences. They serve as destinations for outdoor recreation‐-based
tourism, supporting a community’s overall image and brand.
October 11th, 2023
Subject: Outdoor Ampitheatre
Every band that tours travels up and down Interstate 5. From the new, up and coming artists to the time tested veterans. I-5 is the major cooridor between Vancouver Canada and San Diego California.

Redding is missing the boat by not having a location for these artists to stop and play. The revenue loss is tremendous.

Not only would this provide a grat family activity, but schools and various non-profit groups could also use the facility. It would bring folks from the outlying areas of the northstate to Redding, and those people will support the GEM (Gas, eats, motel) industry.

Its cooler by the river, and if it is build with the summer sun taken into consideration, the crowds and performers could be in the shade, which would be ideal.

If we build it, they will come. Please build a state of the art ampitheatre with seats and a lawn area. Don't go cheap on the seating capacity. Bigger artists bring bigger crowds, and they will stop here if there is a facility for them.

October 10th, 2023
Subject: Redding Rodeo
Respect Redding's history and tradition by extending their lease now
October 10th, 2023
Subject: Riverfront
I saw an article about the Community Coalition and Riverfront plan and how they were asking for residents what they would like to see. I love how Redding protects the natural environment and all wildlife throughout the riverfront, its always a joy to walk into turtlebay and along hte rivertrail as well as see the river curve around park marina.
I wanted to give some feedback. In additional to all that we already have, Can you make another spot with some nice trails that people can walk along the riverfront but also have shops and stores that people can go into if they want to eat and watch the river, or if they want to take a rest and need the bathroom, kind of like they do in vancouver washington? That would be so much fun, they could put beautiful foliage and keep the buildings nature focused and nice to look at. It would a great place for the community to do something with family and friends, especially if they put a cozy restaurant in there (everyone loves those! View 202, Mosaic, From the Hearth). It would be nice to drive over to a new spot walk down another rivertrail as long as you want and then be able to sit and eat and watch river/people go by, see new items from stores and shops that would be there. IT would also be amazing if Redding made an Art Museum. I'm originally from Santa Barbara and people love to go to the Art Museum and cafe there and its so great for culture, education, student field trips, brings in alot of revenue for the city as well. Thank you and have a great day!
Rebecca Estrada, Resident
October 10th, 2023
Subject: riverfront
I think a nature inspired Riverfront would be beautiful. A wood boardwalk, much like Turtle Bay , before Sheraton was built. No low income mixed use buildings . Focus on the river itself, Maybe different plaques with Native American history. I loved it years ago when it had that little beach, mini golf, raft rental. something like that but upscale.
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